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DP World is a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. We operate multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions. We have a portfolio of 78 operating marine and inland terminals supported by over 50 related businesses in over 40 countries across six continents with a significant presence in bo

MSA Statement

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 
DP World plays a significant role in the communities in which we operate and we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to their long term sustainability. Through our practice of thinking ahead, foreseeing change and innovating, we aim to create the most productive, efficient and safe trade solutions globally

DP World Jeddah offers a huge variety of exciting career opportunities within its team skilled in IT, electrical/mechanical engineering, administration, finance, apprenticeships, HC, health & safety and terminal operations – among others.
DP World Jeddah has been carefully designed and built to deliver the very best service for our custom...