• June 05,2018

    DP World Jeddah receives WAN HAI LINE maiden Voyage to Jeddah

    DP World Jeddah received the first vessel of Wan Hai Lines “LOS ANGELES TRADER’ on 1st June 2018, operating in AR1 service, on its maiden voyage to Jeddah from the Far East. The AR1 service was commenced by end of April under ‘The Alliance’ to provide fast and direct coverage of the Red Sea from Far East locations connecting Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia. WAN HAI has partnered with THEA on the AR1 service with one vessel deployment together with YML and ONE who has deployed four and two vessels respectively. The management team welcomed the crew and exchanged commemorative plaques with the vessel chief officer to mark the occasion. DP World CEO Mohammad Al Shaikh expressed sincere appreciation towards Wan Hai Line and THEA for the continued patronage and confidence entrusted upon DP World Jeddah and reiterated DP World’s commitment to strive for excellence to deliver beyond customer expectations.

  • May 05,2018


    DP World Jeddah, situated in Jeddah Islamic Port, is strategically located, linking the international shipping routes, and that Container handling is the parent company’s core business as it generates more than three quarters of its revenue from this business. As advanced technologies are at the heart of DP World in general and DP World Jeddah in particular for the achievement of its vision to carry out its business in faster and more effectively than all of its rivals, which is driven by a deep understanding of the needs of the future and the growing demand to the terminal services, it has recently upgraded the Terminal Operation System from SPARCS 3.7 to the latest advanced system NAVIS N4 & XPS. In this effect and with this digital turn point of NAVIS N4 & XPS in the containerization industry, DP World contributes in Saudi Arabia’s ambitious vision to the private sector to undertake vital part in its significant potential growth of economy with its ambitious 2030 vision, a matter which strongly motivates DP World to increase its investments in the terminal with the prospective extension of its current concession term By thinking ahead, foreseeing change and innovating, we are aiming to create the most productive, efficient and safe trade solutions globally.

  • March 05,2018

    Society – Sustainability Initiative- Celebrate World Civil Defense Day

    Civil Defence Day celebration that started on March1st and will continued up to March 5th.  The celebration theme of this year (2018) falls under “Civil Defence & the National Institutions for more Efficient Disaster Management” and the theme chosen by Saudi Arabia Civil Defence Authority for this event is the “Educational Institutions and Safety Culture”. The celebration is set up in partnership with many interested stakeholders including DP World and the Civil Defence Authority. The objective of the celebration is to promote public awareness among the community in general and school kids about civil defence, civil protection and emergency management in order to better prepare the civilian population to protect themselves in the event of emergency and to reduce the risk of disaster.

  • January 21,2018

    DP World Jeddah received recently 12 RTGs, 3 Reach Stackers, 6 ECHs, 60 ITVs and 60 Chasses

    In 2017, DP World in Jeddah witnessed 53% volume increase. Total handled volume was 1.08 million TEUs against 710,000 TUEs handled in 2016. Further the volume projection in 2018 to close at 1.4mTEUs 30% increase compared to 2017. The Alliance Consortium is key customer for DP World Jeddah where they have fully contributed the volume increase. Jeddah overall market size reaches 4.3m TEUs, DP World market share in 2017 was 25%, and however, DP World market share projection in 2018 will increase to 32% Saudi Arabia has strong and significant economy which strongly motivates us to work closely with local authorities to renew the concession for 30 years ahead.