Container Status

(Container No#) {{ SearchValue }} Status: {{Container.transit_state}}
Line Operator {{Container.LineId}} Inbound Carrier Vessel {{ Container.Visit_RefNo }} ({{ Container.ib_vyg}}) {{Container.OBvisitId}} {{Container.Visit_RefNo}} Category {{Container.category}} / {{Container.freight_kind}}
Outbound Carrier Voyage # {{ Container.OBvisitId }} ({{ Container.ob_vyg}}) N/A {{Container.ob_vyg}} {{Container.ib_vyg}} POL N/A {{Container.POL}} BL # N/A {{Container.bl_nbr}}
Hazardous Class N/A {{Container.HazardousClass}} POD N/A {{Container.POD}} Final Destination {{Container.FinalDest}} Seal # {{Container.SealNbr}}
Reefer Temp +{{Container.ReeferTemp}} {{Container.ReeferTemp}} N/A Terminal In Time N/A {{Container.time_in | toDate}} Terminal Out Time N/A {{Container.time_out | toDate}}
VGM(Weight) N/A {{Container.goods_ctr_wt_kg_vgm}} Custom Status {{Container.CustomStatus}} MT Rtrn Loc/Rtrn Dt N/A {{Container.MTReturnLoc}}   / N/A {{Container.EmptyReturnDate}} Seal # N/A {{Container.SealNbr}}
(BL No#) {{ SearchValue }}
Container ISO Code Category Vessel Name Line Gross Weight Terminal In Time Terminal Out Time Custom Status Transist State
{{x.Cntr}} {{x.iso_code}} {{x.category}} {{x.VesselName}} {{x.obVesselName}} {{x.obVesselName}} {{x.VesselName}} {{x.LineId}} {{x.GrossWeight}} N/A {{x.time_in | toDate}} N/A {{x.time_out | toDate}} N/A N/A {{x.CustomStatus}} {{x.transit_state}}
No record found
(Bayan No#) {{ SearchValue }}
Container # Vessel Name BL No# ISO Code Category Line Operator Terminal Time In Terminal Time Out Custom Status Status
{{x.Cntr}} {{x.VesselName}} {{x.bl_nbr}} {{x.iso_code}} {{x.category}} {{x.LineId}} {{x.time_in | toDate}} N/A {{x.time_out | toDate}} N/A N/A {{x.CustomStatus}} {{x.transit_state}}
No record found
Vessel Arrived ATA:{{CSDataDetails.VesselArriveData.Ata | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
ATB:{{CSDataDetails.VesselArriveData.ETB | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
Start Work:{{CSDataDetails.VesselArriveData.Start_Work | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
Discharged Time:{{CSDataDetails.CntrData.time_in | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
Xray Result Received {{CSDataDetails.CntrData.XrayStatus}}
Time:{{CSDataDetails.ReceviedXrayResultEventTime | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
Moved to ExamYard Time:{{CSDataDetails.Moved2ExamYardTime | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
Inspection Completed Time:{{CSDataDetails.ContainerRepackAndSealedTime | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
Moved to Delivery Area Time:{{CSDataDetails.Moved2DeliveryAreaTime | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
Port Charges Settled Time:{{CSDataDetails.PortChargesSatteledTime | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'}}
Payment Settled
Gatepass Issued
Gate Out